“Conferencing in the Cloud” Recorded Webinar

Quarterly Presentation (Recorded Webinar 1/30/2014)

A variety of new, cloud-based video bridging/conferencing & collaboration services for education are emerging at the speed of light. Mobile devices, USB Pan/Tilt/Zoom HD webcams and the Cloud are bringing costs down and increasing ease-of-use for presenters and students. The interactive video classroom of the future is available now, for pennies on the dollar, compared to “old school” hardware-based systems.

Presented by a panel of experts, including:

  • James Conyers, Network and Video Collaboration Engineer, University of Denver
  • Charlie Wickenheiser, Videoconferencing Coordinator for the Governor’s Office Distance Learning Project


Source: Du VideoManager

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COLODLA: Why Are We Here?

There are a lot of different distance learning-oriented groups in the US. It’s trendy, it’s a common practice in K-12 and higher education, and it’s a necessity for many businesses and industries.

Let’s face it, distance learning is part of “what we do” in most businesses, agencies and institutions.
But in general, everyone’s in their bunker: higher ed only talks with higher ed, K-12, and government and industry tend to exchange ideas and talk with their counterparts. They sometimes are not comfortable with vendors who are trying to sell them stuff. Continue reading »