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Electronic Badges Webinar – May 22

Electronic Badges Demonstrate Skills and Competencies…

Why this is a big deal and how to use badges, while earning a badge…

Sixty minute webinar – May 22, 3-4 PM

The scouts began using merit badges at the turn of the twentieth century to demonstrate exploration and meeting criteria in specific interests. Nearly 100 years later, educators and organizations are using digital badging to recognize and verify skills and competencies in learners. When thoroughly implemented, these competencies carry currency, showcase experience and impact an individual’s standing in the job market, community and future education. Badges are an incentive, an assessment tool and a cool methodology for promoting competencies. With guidance and investment, you’ll be ready to start badging in a short window.

In this 60 minute webinar, faculty from Aurora Public Schools showcase real and effective badging programs. The session describes a badging system, elements of successful badging, necessary stakeholders, lessons learned and pitfalls. The session will provide resources to participants for starting and sustaining and evaluating badging.

At conclusion of the webinar, participants should be able to

  • Define badging and digital badging
  • Describe frameworks of badging programs
  • List benefits to stakeholders (community, learners, organizations)
  • Access resources for building a badge program in your institution
  • Identify curriculum or skills sets appropriate for badges


About the presenters

Amanda Fuller

Amanda FullerFor the last 10 years Amanda Rose Fuller has been working in the field of education – starting in Tennessee, with a pit stop in Europe and finally landing in the Aurora Public Schools. Last school year she made the move out of the classroom to join the exciting and innovative Digital Badge team. From planning professional development to coaching teachers to recognize the 21st Century Skill development in their instruction, Amanda is dedicated to helping her district successfully implement the Digital Badge program to ensure all students are given access to credentials which open doors of opportunity.

Ben Wilkoff

Ben WilkoffBen Wilkoff is the Program Director for Personalized Learning in Aurora Public Schools. He led the Personalized Professional Learning efforts in Denver Public Schools. He has taught middle schoolers English. He has managed online communities for Edmodo and been an Online Learning and Technology Resources Specialist for Douglas County Schools. He was named the Totally Wired Teacher of the year in 2007 by Edutopia and has blogged at Learning is Change since 2004. He is married to his favorite person, and loves his three children quite a little bit. He is passionate about personalized learning, technology with purpose, and creating at least one new thing every day. In short, he teaches, and learns. A lot.


ColoDLA 2016 Elections

Colorado Distance Learning Association is holding its election for 2016-2017. Positions are for one year, unless noted. Links to the ballots will be sent out the week of 10/2/2016. If you are not yet a ColoDLA member, join ColoDLA via our Website – a great network of individuals involved and/or interested in distance learning from within K-12 formal and informal education, higher education, health sciences, industry, government, and non-profits. Annual membership is $35 for professionals and $25 for students. If you are renewing your membership or have not received your ballot, please email .

Additionally, ColoDLA is seeking to fill an open position of electronic communications director. This new position will strategize and lead the organization’s messaging with members and outside groups. If interested, if you have questions, or if you know of a good candidate email

Voting is open and concludes on October 11, 2016 at 11:59 MDT. The candidates are listed with a link to their bios.

Candidates for President – One Year Term


Bob Dinegar

Bob Dinegar

As one of the the founding members, as well as a driver behind our Annual Conferences, Bob Dinegar is also a long-time Board Member. Mr. Dinegar is Senior Advisor with Determined Response, a Denver based consultative practice addressing the diverse needs of business, government, nonprofits, academia and media in an environment where technology’s persistent exponential change is as constant as weather.

Mr. Dinegar is a native of Queens, NY and occasionally attended school from a distance in his teens. A frequent participant in after-school activities such as Forensics Club, Photo Club and Detention, he is proud of his youth and wishes it had not abandoned him “at such an early age”.

The ideas and vision behind ColoDLA resonate with him, and that resonance has echoed through the course of Bob’s involvement. Whether collaborating or spearheading initiatives such as conferences, potential partnerships or hare-brained schemes that might later prove prescient, Dinegar has consistently been a willing leader, albeit from an informal position. Having recently accepted the role of Interim President, he also accepts that the time to lead from the frontline is upon him, with this State Chapter of the U.S. Distance Learning Association. He humbly asks for your support.

Bob attended St. Edward’s University in Austin Texas. That institution is still fully accredited. He thinks.

Candidates for Vice President – One Year Term


Farah Bennani

Farah Bennani

Dr. Farah Bennani is the Associate Dean for Science and Math at the Colorado Community College Online. She holds a patent from her Doctoral research in Sciences in Microbiology, and an Analyst-Programmer Computer Sciences Degree. She served as the Allied Health Curriculum Expert at the North American Network of Science Labs Online (NANSLO) developing remote-web based science labs (RWSLB) and currently serving on the board of the Colorado Distance Learning Association. She is the recipient of the Colorado System Office Immersive Learning and Game-based Learning grant for her microbiology project Outbreak. She teaches across the Biology curriculum face-to-face, hybrid, flipped and fully online courses using adaptive, project-based, game-based learnings, augmented reality and apps.

Candidates for At Large Board Member – Two Year Term


Jean Bouchard

Jean Bouchard is director of the Center for Language and Learning (CLL). As a research center housed in the Anderson Language Technology Center at the University of Colorado Boulder, the CLL has a mission to serve and support students with learning challenges in domains that affect foreign language acquisition. The CLL oversees the innovative Modified Foreign Language Program (MFLP) which provides a pedagogical approach to foreign language teaching that supports the diverse learning needs of “at-risk” students.

Jean is program coordinator for the Modified Foreign Language Program (MFLP). She celebrates a nearly 30 year connection to this program, serving as research assistant at its inception in the early 1990s. This program provides a unique, multi-sensory and explicit language instruction model to students who struggle inordinately with learning a foreign language. The learning challenges of these students are heterogeneous in nature and may include learning differences in the form of listening, speaking, reading, writing and/or comprehension, issues with attention, traumatic brain injury (TBI), psychiatric challenges, and sensory issues such as vision and hearing impairment.

Candidates for Higher Ed Member – Two Year Term

David Thomas

David Thomas

David Thomas, PhD is the director of academic technology at the University of Colorado Denver where he oversees faculty support, program development and the academic technology product portfolio for both the Downtown Denver and Anschutz Medical campuses. He is an assistant professor, attendant, in the Department of Architecture at the University of Colorado Denver. David also teaches the school of education and college of arts and media, both online and in the classroom. His research focuses on the theory and design of fun objects. This search for fun ranges from games to architecture.

2016 ColoDLA Award Winners

Congratulations to the individuals and programs recognized at the 2016 ColoDLA Conference for their outstanding contributions to the distance learning community.

2016 John and Carrie Morgridge Award
Emma Richardson
April 2016

In appreciation for service above and beyond
Duncan McBogg
April 2016

2016 Distance Learning Teacher of the Year
Dr. Darrell Fontane
April 2016

2016 Distance Learning Program of the Year
Young Citizen Scientist Distance Learning
April 2016

Lead ColoDLA – Recommend a Candidate or Nominate Yourself

Recently, with the news that our incoming President was forced to step aside for health reasons, the ColoDLA Board of Directors asked me to serve as Interim President. I accepted, knowing that there are other fine potential candidates who are eligible to run for election, waiting in the wings.
We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to Duncan McBogg, who served a full term as President and did a fantastic job! His leadership will be missed.
It’s our intention to hold elections in the coming weeks and we hope that you will consider taking on a role in leading this organization, going forward. We have seats on the Board of Directors and openings for Officers that include

  • President
  • Vice President (also ‘President-in-waiting’)
  • Communications and Technology Director (Board Member)
  • Higher Ed Representative (Board Member)
  • At Large Representatives (Board Member)
  • Committee Chairs (example: elections, sponsorship, outreach, new member orientation, conference, professional development, social, strategy) 

For those interested, a Board Member can expect to contribute between two and four hours per month, on average, with Officers shouldering a steeper share.

Please contact me to indicate your interest or ask questions. Be sure to share a bio, your name, a photo and contact information. I can be reached at . Please indicate your interests and if you have other suggestions for leadership, make these by August 26. The upcoming year for our Colorado Distance Learning Association promises to be filled with opportunities for growth, both as an organization, and as professionals. This is an opportunity for you to help shape the vision for our Association; imagination, dedication and energy are welcome and encouraged!

Your contributions will define the role ColoDLA can play, in the coming months.
Thank you for your membership and continued interest in ColoDLA.

Bob Dinegar
Interim President, Colorado Distance Learning Association

Awards and Recognition – Submissions due April 15

Member Recognition and Awards

Every year, the Colorado Distance Learning Association accepts nominations for Distance Learning Teacher of the Year and Program of the Year.
Please submit your nominations at the following links by April 15th.
Teacher of the Year
Program of the Year

We will also be honoring ColoDLA President Emeritus Emma Richardson with the 2016 John and Carrie Morgridge Award for her work in advancing distance learning.