ColoDLA 2016 Elections

Colorado Distance Learning Association is holding its election for 2016-2017. Positions are for one year, unless noted. Links to the ballots will be sent out the week of 10/2/2016. If you are not yet a ColoDLA member, join ColoDLA via our Website – a great network of individuals involved and/or interested in distance learning from within K-12 formal and informal education, higher education, health sciences, industry, government, and non-profits. Annual membership is $35 for professionals and $25 for students. If you are renewing your membership or have not received your ballot, please email .

Additionally, ColoDLA is seeking to fill an open position of electronic communications director. This new position will strategize and lead the organization’s messaging with members and outside groups. If interested, if you have questions, or if you know of a good candidate email

Voting is open and concludes on October 11, 2016 at 11:59 MDT. The candidates are listed with a link to their bios.

Candidates for President – One Year Term


Bob Dinegar

Bob Dinegar

As one of the the founding members, as well as a driver behind our Annual Conferences, Bob Dinegar is also a long-time Board Member. Mr. Dinegar is Senior Advisor with Determined Response, a Denver based consultative practice addressing the diverse needs of business, government, nonprofits, academia and media in an environment where technology’s persistent exponential change is as constant as weather.

Mr. Dinegar is a native of Queens, NY and occasionally attended school from a distance in his teens. A frequent participant in after-school activities such as Forensics Club, Photo Club and Detention, he is proud of his youth and wishes it had not abandoned him “at such an early age”.

The ideas and vision behind ColoDLA resonate with him, and that resonance has echoed through the course of Bob’s involvement. Whether collaborating or spearheading initiatives such as conferences, potential partnerships or hare-brained schemes that might later prove prescient, Dinegar has consistently been a willing leader, albeit from an informal position. Having recently accepted the role of Interim President, he also accepts that the time to lead from the frontline is upon him, with this State Chapter of the U.S. Distance Learning Association. He humbly asks for your support.

Bob attended St. Edward’s University in Austin Texas. That institution is still fully accredited. He thinks.

Candidates for Vice President – One Year Term


Farah Bennani

Farah Bennani

Dr. Farah Bennani is the Associate Dean for Science and Math at the Colorado Community College Online. She holds a patent from her Doctoral research in Sciences in Microbiology, and an Analyst-Programmer Computer Sciences Degree. She served as the Allied Health Curriculum Expert at the North American Network of Science Labs Online (NANSLO) developing remote-web based science labs (RWSLB) and currently serving on the board of the Colorado Distance Learning Association. She is the recipient of the Colorado System Office Immersive Learning and Game-based Learning grant for her microbiology project Outbreak. She teaches across the Biology curriculum face-to-face, hybrid, flipped and fully online courses using adaptive, project-based, game-based learnings, augmented reality and apps.

Candidates for At Large Board Member – Two Year Term


Jean Bouchard

Jean Bouchard is director of the Center for Language and Learning (CLL). As a research center housed in the Anderson Language Technology Center at the University of Colorado Boulder, the CLL has a mission to serve and support students with learning challenges in domains that affect foreign language acquisition. The CLL oversees the innovative Modified Foreign Language Program (MFLP) which provides a pedagogical approach to foreign language teaching that supports the diverse learning needs of “at-risk” students.

Jean is program coordinator for the Modified Foreign Language Program (MFLP). She celebrates a nearly 30 year connection to this program, serving as research assistant at its inception in the early 1990s. This program provides a unique, multi-sensory and explicit language instruction model to students who struggle inordinately with learning a foreign language. The learning challenges of these students are heterogeneous in nature and may include learning differences in the form of listening, speaking, reading, writing and/or comprehension, issues with attention, traumatic brain injury (TBI), psychiatric challenges, and sensory issues such as vision and hearing impairment.

Candidates for Higher Ed Member – Two Year Term

David Thomas

David Thomas

David Thomas, PhD is the director of academic technology at the University of Colorado Denver where he oversees faculty support, program development and the academic technology product portfolio for both the Downtown Denver and Anschutz Medical campuses. He is an assistant professor, attendant, in the Department of Architecture at the University of Colorado Denver. David also teaches the school of education and college of arts and media, both online and in the classroom. His research focuses on the theory and design of fun objects. This search for fun ranges from games to architecture.

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